Marketing Malta Overseas

Course Objectives
  • The course will aim to outline best practices when it comes to Marketing Malta overseas ranging from the Airline aspect to selling the actual Unique Selling Points of Malta and a realistic approach to securing business in the most cost-effective way.

Expected Outcome
  • Topics will range from dealing with airlines, incentive schemes to secure business, attracting conferences & incentives to Malta as well as where to spend marketing budget effectively. The participants will be aware of potential time-saving methods available to reach their goals in a more efficient and targeted manner.
Target Participants
  • ITS Students, Travel Agency (inbound), Conference & Incentive (inbound)

  • Hotel Sales & Marketing Departments

  • Excursion Operators
Deadline to Apply
No of sessions
Time (hrs) per session
Maximum no of delegates

Course TUTOR

Chris Fenech, Venues Box