Resilience: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

Course Objectives
  • Conflict, change, and stress are a regular part of everyday organizational life. The key to employee survival is resilience, the ability to bounce back after adversity. Being resilient doesn’t prevent tough challenges from happening, but it does provide individuals with the strength and ability to recover and move on time and time again. Developing resilience is a lot like engineering a building to withstand an earthquake. It requires a solid foundation and a flexible structure that won’t crack or crumble under pressure. In human terms, it translates into self-esteem, connections with others, mental agility, and effective coping strategies.

Expected Outcome
  • Increase the ability to bounce back from adversity
  • Build self-esteem as a foundation of resilience
  • Make and maintain connections to build resilience
  • Accept and embrace change
  • Use flexible thinking to overcome obstacles
  • Implement stress management and relaxation strategies to maintain resilience
Target Participants
  • This programme is appropriate for professionals at every level who want to develop strategies to overcome obstacles and bounce back from adversity.

Deadline to Apply
No of sessions
Time (hrs) per session
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Course TUTOR

Karl Grech