Employee Engagement: The Supervisor’s Guide to Gaining and Sustaining Commitment

Course Objectives
  • Employee Engagement online training course introduces leaders and managers alike to the tools and techniques for ensuring employees feel valued and supported in their day-to-day responsibilities. The program offers practical knowledge for becoming an effective and influential leader.

Expected Outcome
  • Increase the ability to recognise the importance of knowing every employee as a unique individual.
  • Identify each employee’s strengths and how to leverage them in the workplace.
  • Show support by minimising obstacles that frustrate employees—including yourself!
  • Create a career path and meaningful work for each employee.
  • Foster an environment where employees feel free to ask and say anything.
  • Show appreciation and recognition in a way that is meaningful to each employee.
Target Participants
    • Managers,
    • Supervisors
    • Team leaders who oversee employees and/or hold considerable influence over employees

This would help create a more positive, engaging workplace, as well as understand how to increase their level of engagement at work.

Deadline to Apply
No of sessions
Time (hrs) per session
Min no of delegates

Course TUTOR

Karl Grech