Experience Coaching

Course Objectives
  • A one-off coaching session aimed to gain participants first coaching experience. Like other people around the world, coaching has helped them to surpass their limitations and achieve their personal and professional goals. Combined with PRISM®, a sophisticated profiling tool that identifies behavioural preferences relating to personal relationships, work performance and management style. The participant will start his/her coaching journey through a 90-minute conversation self-discovery and an explanation of your PRISM® Foundation report.

Expected Outcome
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Self-Discovery & Strengths analysis
  • Action Plan for future development
Target Participants
  • This coaching session is a steppingstone designed to help individuals who want to find more about themselves through the use of PRISM® Brain Mapping Neuroscience base tool and develop an action plan for future development.

Deadline to Apply
No of sessions
Time (hrs) per session
One to one

Course TUTOR

Karl Grech