Coaching Conversation skills for leaders

Course Objectives
  • This training will help participants establish the context of a situation and lead a series of coaching conversations that make the individual responsible for proactively defining goals and becoming accountable to their commitments. Participants will understand how the various aspects of coaching conversations (such as defining the opportunity or problem, analysing options, and developing an action plan) can motivate and support individuals to help them successfully meet their goals.

Expected Outcome
  • Identify the four steps of a coaching conversation and how they are applied in various contexts
  • Apply basic coaching techniques to coaching for:
    1. Performance improvement
    2. Career development
    3. Training for specific skills
Target Participants

This program is designed to help:

  • managers
  • supervisors
  • team leaders

to understand the coaching process, apply effective techniques to coaching communication, and create and maintain a successful coaching relationship with an employee or with business teams.

Deadline to Apply
No of sessions
Time (hrs) per session
Min no of delegates

Course TUTOR

Karl Grech